Husband works from home during the day, three days a week.  Dog just lays around on cool tile downstairs on those days, doesn’t care about anything.

Monday, 2 pm, Husband puts Dog on chain.  Dog comes back in, starts throwing herself around, spinning.  Husband walks away, Dog follows and doesn’t give up.  Husband thinks Dog may be hungry, gives Dog a bone.  Dog eats bone, then comes upstairs to Husband’s desk.  Dog sits down facing Husband, stares expectantly, and makes whining sounds, as if talking.  Husband is busy working, tells Dog to go away.

Tuesday, 2pm.  Same thing happens.  Hours later, Wife comes home from work.   After dinner, Wife and Husband are watching tv.  Dog is pesty and underfoot.  Husband is puzzled.

Dog never did spinning-pesty-feedme trick before.  Husband thinks Dog is going batshit because Wife is now home again on weekdays and is so excited she doesn’t know what to do with herself.  Dog probably thinks Husband is an idiot because he can’t read her mind.

Wife’s last day of work was today, and is now on vacation.  Dog and Husband will think they’ve gone to heaven.