Wife and Husband get invited to New Year’s Eve party in Buffalo.  Wife and Husband talk it over, make plans with Husband’s parents.

Ride from Rochester reminds Dog of when she and Wife would visit Husband’s house in Buffalo. Dog liked Husband’s house.  Dog remembers getting SKUNK blasted there on a Saturday night.  Husband’s idea of getting blasted on a Saturday night is completely different.

Dog likes ride to Husband’s parents house in Buffalo, where LittleDog lives.  Dog comes into house and walks around, wagging tail and showing off her new hairdo, expecting LittleDog to compliment her and share conversation about LittleDog’s own visits to Doggie Beauty Parlor.  Like last time, LittleDog runs away and jumps into Grandpa’s arms.  Dog likes LittleDog, but LittleDog is scardey-cat.  Dog is confused.

Wife, Husband, and Husband’s parents get ready to go to party.  Just like at home, Dog goes into crate.  LittleDog gets to run around loose.  Dog doesn’t know, but would be pissed if she did.

Wife, Husband, and Husband’s parents have a good time at party.  Wife, Husband, and Dog stay overnight in Buffalo, go to bed at 2am.  At 5:30am, Dog gets antsy and wants out.  Husband is pissed, but complies.  Later, Dog gets antsy and wants water, gets Wife up.  Later yet, Dog gets antsy and wants out, gets wife up again.  Wife is irritated, but complies.

Husband and Wife meet Friends for lunch.  Dog is well behaved while they are gone.

Wife, Husband and Dog head back to Rochester.  Dog sits in back seat and settles down.  Dog thinks about LittleDog, and is puzzled.