Dog likes to hang around Wife and Husband in the morning as they get ready for work.  Wife’s routine is slightly different, Dog picks up on it and gets excited, thinks she is going somewhere.  Husband verifies it by getting leash out, and now Dog just can’t sit still.  As planned, Husband gets Dog into Wife’s car and shuts door on leash so that Dog has little room to maneuver and bother Wife while she is driving.  Dog doesn’t mind, because she thinks it’s doggie day care day.  Wife backs car out of garage.  Dog settles down and dreams about Boyfriend.

Wife pulls car in.  Dog gets out, and is baffled.  No day care.  No boyfriend. What’s going on? Dog hears other dogs making noise nearby, and takes heart.  Wife takes Dog inside.  Assistants take Dog.  Dog has sudden flash of intuition, gets scared and agitated.  Dog starts scrabbling.  Wife feels bad, wishes she could tell Dog two important things, “new Vet”, and “DENTIST!”

Wife goes to work.  DENTIST knocks Dog out cold for teeth cleaning.  Wife picks up Dog after work, and expects to hear a big story.  Wife learns that Dog did well, and teeth are in good shape.  Dog is excited to see Wife, acts like everything is normal. Wife and Dog take an hour to get home because snow is making traffic very slow on 490 and 590.  Normal ride is twenty-five minutes.

Wife and Husband give Dog love and attention.  Wife updates Husband on Vet visit, gives Dog limited water and food per DENTIST instructions, then goes upstairs for a short nap.  Husband sits at computer reading Facebook updates.  Husband starts thinking idly about why Dog was ok after coming back from Vet.  Maybe Dog liked getting knocked out.  Or maybe Dog is going to get even by leaving a poo present downstairs, during the night while Wife and Husband are asleep.

Husband goes outside and shovels front walk and porch, then back porch and patio where Dog goes on chain.  Husband starts his car and cleans snow off.  Husband remembers only good thing about Wife being in Pittsburgh – he got to use garage.

Next morning, Dog acts fine.  No present.  Husband leaves for Friday commute to Buffalo.  Husband wonders what Dog will be thinking next time she is going somewhere.