Husband shuffles off to Buffalo for Friday commute.  Wife takes Dog to Doggie Day Care and goes to work.  Wife has a half-day, leaves and goes on various appointments for herself and Mother.  Afterward, Wife goes to Doggie Day Care.  DayCareOwner says that all the dogs were following Dog around today, boys and girls.  Wife asks but DayCareOwner is not sure why.

Husband gets back from Buffalo and asks about Wife’s day, and about Dog.  Wife says her day was busy and tiring.  Wife tells Husband about Dog’s huge popularity at day care, and that Dog is very tired.  Husband says that Dog is dog tired, pun intended, and no one laughs but him, which he also intended.

DayCareOwner takes pictures of all dogs at Doggie Day Care and sends them to all dog owners by email.  Husband recently got on mail list, and after checking Facebook opens DoggieMail.  Sixty-eight pictures.  Picture one shows Dog all by herself.  Very nice shot.  Husband scrolls through to picture fifteen,  where Dog is kissing Boyfriend.  Cool.  But picture thirty-one shows Dog kissing up to some blond Pug, and Boyfriend is not in picture. Uhh-huh.

Dog is a celebrity that is caught making backup plans on the down-low, but will never make it onto TMZ.