Husband commutes to Buffalo for work in morning.  By late afternoon, weather becomes more snowy and slippery in both Buffalo and Rochester.  Husband picks up Son from college and takes him for dinner as planned, drops him back off, and then heads home.  Husband knows road between Buffalo and Rochester very well, and knows enough to go slow and be careful.  Husband notices a few cars in ditch on route 90, but situations appear under control now.  Two cars are ditched on route 490 by Churchville, less than a mile apart, and these appear new.  Husband calls 911 and learns they have already been reported.    One hour twenty minute ride ends up two hours, but Husband makes it home without incident.

Husband plops down on couch beside Wife and relaxes.  Dog is all-happy to see Husband, picks up toy-rope.  Husband plays with Dog while talking to Wife.  Dog quits toy-rope, but is still pesty and Wife is not sure why, as Dog has been out twice already and has had plenty of water.  Husband gives Dog more water,  and she starts drinking immediately.  Wife remarks that Husband knows Dog’s patterns better than she does, because he is around more often due to work-at-home.  Wife jokes and says that Husband and Dog are BFF’s.  Husband laughs and says that Dog is his Best Furry Friend, and he is Dog’s Best Food Friend.