Husband’s brother in-law comes in from the mountains to visit his mother. Six hour ride, one way. Brother in-law lives alone and can’t leave his dog by herself. After debating about boarding, his dog comes to stay at Dog’s house for a night.

Husband is working from home when Brother in-law arrives. Brother in-law takes large German Shorthair pointer out to the backyard, and dog handles both lines of Business. Husband puts Dog on leash and goes into backyard, allowing dogs to see each other at distance. Husband and brother in-law close distance. Dog gets excited and moves toward new dog, who wraps leash around brother in-law while trying to get away. Dog continues to try to run around and say hello, but new dog shies away. Husband takes dogs back into house and tries to acclimate new dog. New dog runs and hides. Husband sets up crate in upstairs room, across from Dog’s. Husband returns downstairs to find large piece of Business in living room. Husband can’t tell who did it but can guess that it’s not Dog. Husband finally gets new dog into her own crate.  Husband goes back to work. Dog lies down near her own crate, in view of new dog. Dog is puzzled because new dog acts different than any other dog she has met. Dog wonders if it has something to do with her. Dog thinks about whether she was playful enough or didn’t sniff dog’s butt to say hello fast enough, or somehow insulted dog. Dog feels a little uneasy, then thinks about all the other dogs she knows at DoggieDayCare. Dog concludes that it can’t be her, but is still puzzled.

Two hours later, Husband lets new dog out of crate. New dog comes out of crate, and Husband closes crate to force new dog to acclimate. Dog tries to engage new dog in doggie-conversation, but new dog runs and hides every chance she gets.

Husband remembers that fear of people and strangers is xenophobia. Husband thinks new dog has same thing, calls it dogophobia. Husband names new dog ScaredyDog and creates new web page for her, next to Boyfriend and LittleDog.