Dog needs a haircut and has an appointment. Wife drives Dog to Doggie Hair Dresser. Wife and Dog walk toward shop entrance, for 6pm appointment, and Dog starts scrabbling and pulling on the chain. Wife pulls Dog through entrance, talks to nice Hair Dresser lady, then leaves. Wife visits mother’s house and waits for call from Hair Dresser. Wife knows that Dog is a tough customer for Hair Dresser and takes a long time. At 9:30, Wife thinks Hair Dresser may have misplaced her number. Wife realizes she left Hair Dresser’s number at home, and decides to go pick up Dog anyway. Wife arrives and waits, and after 10pm, Dog is done. Wife brings Dog home. Dog comes upstairs with Wife into Husband’s office, then struts around proudly.

Dog got her hair did

Husband bets he knows what Dog is thinking. “Look at ME! I’m so pret-ty! Oh, so PRET-TY! Don’t I look lovely? It’s out of this world! Let me tell you, you know, I just can’t stand going to get my hair done, but oh-my-God, they do wonderful work! I absolutely love it! And don’t you know, Boyfriend will be dazzled when he sees me! He just won’t know what to do!  I can’t wait! I hope it’s soon, I really do, while my hair is so-soft from all that conditioner, and it’s still combed out just-right. I’ll be the center of attention at Doggie Day Care, and Boyfriend won’t be able to take his eyes off me…”

Husband laughs to himself and takes a picture. Husband looks at picture and notices that Dog’s tail was wagging so fast that it blurred. Husband laughs and wonders what will happen when Dog goes to Doggie Day Care next week.