Wife gets out of work and goes to Home Depot to straighten out carpet quote for stairwell. Husband takes Dog out. Wife pulls into garage while Dog is still out on chain in back yard. Wife goes inside for quick change of clothes. Husband takes walking leash and approaches Dog to put it on her. Dog is prancing and dancing and wagging her tail. Husband brings Dog into garage and opens back door of car. Husband adjusts length of leash and shuts door on it, which secures Dog in place for imminent ride. Wife comes out of house wearing comfortable clothes, and all get into car. Dog is happy throughout twenty minute ride. Husband gets Dog out of car and starts walking her toward the salon. Dog is happy-happy. Dog enters salon and says hi to very little white and black dog whose owner is a very tall blonde lady. Very little dog is polite but otherwise ignores Dog. Hair Dresser takes leash from husband, and Dog is happy-happy. Then Hair Dresser takes Dog behind half-door into salon. Dog is COMPLETELY surprised, and scrabbles wildly. Dog tries to reach up to Husband on other side of door. Husband can imagine Dog’s conversation – “WTF! This ISN’T Doggie Day Care?? WTF!!” and can’t help but laugh.