Dog sometimes chews self, down to open skin. Wife says these are called hotspots. Dog has hotspot on right front leg. Hotspot has been in place a long time, so Wife took Dog to Vet, was told it is minor, and got drops to put on it. Wife and Husband apply drops over a few weeks. Drops help a little, but hotspot is still there.  Wife frequently catches Dog bothering hotspot and tells her to cut it out. Dog sleeps on Wife’s side of room at night, chews self, wakes Wife up. Wife yells at Dog to cut it out.

Dog goes to Day Care, comes home with new hotspot starting, on left front leg. Wife and Husband start thinking about why. Perhaps Dog is stressed out by getting brushed more frequently. Husband remembers how Dog went crazy when Boyfriend ignored her, wonders if  Boyfriend broke up with her. Husband and Wife come up with no good answers, are puzzled. Next day, Wife sees pictures from Day Care, Dog stars in quite a few, but none with Boyfriend.  Wife emails Day Care Owner, asking if Dog has been acting differently with Boyfriend as of late. Owner says no.

Wife knows friend with Elizabethan collar. Husband is driving home from Buffalo. Wife says she got collar, and Dog is freaking out with it. Wife thinks Dog hates her.  Husband knows that Dog has occasional farts, usually silent and moderately toxic. Wife suddenly says Dog just called an audible. Fart is highly toxic, blows Wife right out of her chair. Husband laughs, Wife says that Dog is getting revenge.

Husband is reminded of Kibbles and Bits episode. Dog was in Buffalo and Husband forgot normal food, so Wife substitutes Kibbles and Bits. Dog meets Husband’s kids for very first time, farts blow everyone away. Husband and Wife swear to never let Dog eat Kibbles and Bits again in her lifetime.

Dog and Liz

Husband gets home, sees Dog with a large round clear plastic collar around her head. Dog is not freaking out any more, is adjusting. Husband snaps quick photo.