Wife and Husband are hanging out during weekend. Husband needs to get out of house for a while, asks Wife to go for a ride to do errands. Husband puts Dog in crate, Wife sets house alarm, both leave. Three hours later, Wife and Husband return. Husband opens garage door, unlocks side door and turns off alarm. Wife is close behind. Both are surprised to see Dog appear in kitchen with tail wagging! Husband is puzzled. He put Dog in crate, thought he locked it. Husband thinks about stories of Dog’s past. When younger, Dog would get bored, dig, get under fence, run off, cause trouble, risk getting hit by cars on busy road out front. Wife has always crated Dog when no one is home, because Dog is very smart, could get very bored, and might be destructive. Husband thinks about destruction and possible Business left around house, gets anxious. Wife goes upstairs to check on crate. Husband looks around first floor and in cellar. Husband looks in place that Dog is most likely to do Business inside house, finds none. Wife says crate was open, not sure how or why. Wife and Husband find no destruction, are relieved, but still puzzled about how Dog got out. Wife has always called Dog an Escape Artist. Dog is only one who knows how she got out, and isn’t telling.