Wife drops Dog off at alternate BoardingHouse, as DoggieDayCare is closed for a day or two. Wife and Husband go out of town on vacation to visit Wife’s friend’s mother. Air conditioner breaks just hours before they leave for airport. Wife and Husband come back, and weather in Rochester is very hot. Both sleep fairly well with fans and open windows. Next day comes, and Wife picks up Dog. Wife initially heard that Dog was well behaved, but Husband still has some concerns. Wife calls Husband while on way back, and he hears Dog panting heavily in back seat. Wife says Dog nearly wagged her tail off when she saw her, and Dog was well behaved. Dog arrives home, and is all happy-happy-happy. Dog’s coat looks slightly grungy, so Husband and Wife brush Dog thoroughly. Hottest part of afternoon arrives, and air conditioner RepairGuy comes. RepairGuy says unit is about 20 years old, could be very costly to repair, may be wiser to replace unit. Wife and Husband need to think it over. Wife will consult with friend in HVAC business tomorrow. In meantime, air conditioner does not work, temperature forecast is 90 degrees tomorrow, house could be stifling. Wife  will dress in shorts, could go shopping in air conditioned stores. Husband will be in air conditioning at work in  Buffalo. But Dog is stuck in a thick fur coat! Husband suddenly gets picture of Dog on rotisserie , turning slowly, with fur coat still on. Husband laughs, but really hopes Dog doesn’t roast.