Husband wakes up at 6am to go to Buffalo for work. House is warm, but tolerable. Husband lets Dog out, weather outside is wonderful, pleasant and breezy, but feels like it will get very hot in a few hours. Husband wakes Wife, has breakfast, leaves. Late in afternoon, Husband learns that air conditioning is fixed and not replaced, and high bill for poor-quality replacement unit was avoided. Husband is very grateful to friend in HVAC business.

After work, Husband visits with kids and his parents, teaches them pinochle, listens to Daughter complain about friends screwing up limousine service for upcoming Prom. Late in evening, Husband returns home. Dog quietly greets Husband at door, then goes back to lay down by Wife. Wife is watching an episode of Brothers and Sisters on Netflix. House is cold. Air conditioning is running. Wife and Dog are happy-happy. Dog has no idea of how close she came to being a rotisserie item. Nonetheless, Husband thinks Dog is silently rejoicing and very grateful.