Night time. Wife packs suitcase and other things for short trip out of town. Dog notices. Morning comes. Dog is trying to crawl under Wife’s side of bed while Husband and Wife are just waking up. Wife tells Dog to stop it, Dog lays down. Husband knows that Dog is much smarter than average dog, often “figures things out”. Crawling under bed makes Husband wonder if Dog is “upset” because she knows Wife is leaving, and Dog sometimes acts differently when Wife is going or gone. Wife and Husband get ready for day’s activities. Wife is now completely packed, Husband starts loading car. Dog watches, becomes excited. Wife pulls car out of garage without Dog. Husband goes back into house, Dog looks confused. Husband is working remotely, goes upstairs to home office and starts work. Hours pass, mid-afternoon comes. Husband is working, hears scrabbling sound in bedroom. Husband finishes what he is doing, goes into bedroom, sees Dog crawling under bed again, this time on Husband’s side. Husband looks under bed and discovers new squeezie toy Wife bought for Dog a few days ago. Husband rescues squeezie toy, Dog runs off with it. Husband realizes Dog only wanted squeezie toy all along, laughs out loud at himself, goes back to work.