Husband has been working hard on new house. Paints five rooms. Three ceilings, two are high, each with 45 degree angle. Husband plops down on couch next to Wife to watch tv. Dog comes by and lays down. Minutes pass. Dog turns over, Husband notices. Dog is laying on back, has all feet up and is wagging tail. Husband thinks about hours of painting and is suddenly envious of Dog’s dog-life. Husband snaps quick picture with cell phone.  Husband gets idea for caption immediately afterward.

Wavin' 5 in the air like ya just don't care

Venus wavin' 5 in the air like she just don't care

Wife is unemployed, has to do presentation for job-search group she belongs to. Presentation is about avoiding job search burn-out. Wife asks Husband for input on nearly-finished presentation. Presentation is based on strategy for maintaining balance. Wife invents a 123 strategy based on existing strategy she learned from a professional contact. Relaxation is important part of presentation. Husband suggests 5 in the air photo for presentation. Wife laughs and then adds it. Husband asks Wife if she named new strategy, but has not. Husband christens new strategy as Venus 123. Wife says group members will laugh, then adds it to presentation.