Husband is in first part of 2-day training class and gets text from Wife at 10:45am asking to call her because she has a story. Husband is excited, hopeful that the story is about Wife getting a job. Break time comes, he calls Wife. Wife starts out with “let me tell you the end first”. Husband is braced for bad news, but Wife says “I got the Dog back”. Wife says that Dog got herself off doggie-post and went into neighbor’s back yard, dragging leash behind her. Dog found neighbor’s garden very interesting and spent her time sniffing around. Wife was able to get Dog back without much problem. Husband recalls that doggie-post is 4″x4″ pressure treated wood, buried a few feet down, with concrete pour at bottom, and bolt-ring at top for attaching leash is a 3/8″ threaded bolt with washers and a lock washer. He also recalls that leash is 15′ long cable made for 100 pound dogs, even though Dog is only 50 pounds. Dog must think she is Houdini. He asks Wife how in hell Dog did it. Wife says that thumb-clip on leash broke. Husband is puzzled, does not doubt Wife, but explains that chance is very small. Husband says he will look at it after work. While on break, he talks with buddy at work about cutting off broken portion, and together come up with ideas and pictures of clips and connectors.

Husband comes home and examines leash. Thumb-clip is locked in open position. Husband wonders at how Dog miraculously finds weakest link in chain (pun intended) and takes advantage of it. Husband is somewhat annoyed with Dog, but is happy that cable loop can be used, and there is no need to cut anything off. Hardware store is very close by, and is still open. Husband goes in and looks at quick link hooks. He selects a hook that looks good, tests it against identical sized ring that is on doggie-post now, but screw-opening is too small. He finds a much larger ring, and it fits. Husband leaves store and returns home.

Husband installs new clip between loop on leash and bolt-ring on doggie-post, tightens screw-opening with pliers. As if on cue, Dog suddenly has to go outside. Husband calls Wife to inspect new hook before putting Dog out. Wife agrees that it is much better. Husband puts Dog out. No problem.

Later in evening, Husband is on Facebook, and Wife posts that Dog escaped again. Friends who know about Dog’s first escape episode at new house in Buffalo say that Husband should stick to making party food instead of making doggie tie-outs. Others say get fence instead. Husband explains that pie-shaped backyard is too big to fence, would look very ugly next to remaining non-fenced backyards, which look beautiful. He says deer and other animals would make letting Dog run in fenced back yard and trying to get her back in a complete nightmare. Husband goes back outside and takes picture of new leash attachment for blog.