Wife and Husband have Friends in Honeoye, New York. When Wife and Husband used to live in Rochester, they used to meet Friends out for dinner every once-in-a-while. Since moving to Buffalo, Wife and Husband haven’t seen Friends much, although they keep close contact over Facebook. Friends planned to come out to Buffalo and visit. Wife and Friends text and call back and forth to make arrangements. Friends suddenly say that they can’t come, have to take their dog Bandit to hospital, has intestinal problems. Shortly after, Bandit dies.

Friends post on Facebook, and many express sadness and compassion. Husband mulls it over, and remembers that Friends brought dog to dinner on multiple occasions, and dog waited in back seat while Friends and Wife and Husband were in restaurant. Husband also remembers that dog met Dog once.

Husband thinks about ScaredyDog and Boyfriend, who also died. Husband believes that death is a powerful reminder to be grateful for and enjoy all that you have, in the present moment, for as long as you have it. Husband has never seen “All Dogs Go To Heaven” movie, but believes that they do. Husband names dog FiestyDog and creates page for him.