Wife and Husband leave Dog in crate to go out on Saturday night. Meet friends for happy hour. Friend is in drinking mood, wants shots. Friends can’t understand how Husband likes Tequila. Husband says that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and To-Kill-Ya doesn’t kill him. Friend and Husband wind up getting very happy-happy. Neither are driving. Wife laughs at Husband and drives home.

Husband gets up on Sunday morning. Husband and Wife watch CBS news show. Show wasn’t interesting, so Husband and Wife spend more time on laptop computers in front of tv than watching show. Wife looks over before getting up from couch and spies dog:

2013-04-14 doggie hangover back view cropped

Dog is using stuffed doggie-toy as a pillow! Wife gets closeup:

2013-04-14 doggie hangover cropped

Dog has never done this before. Husband and Wife look at Dog and laugh. Husband says Dog partied too hard last night.