Wife complains that hot water isn’t hot enough and suggests that tank should be drained. Wife says that hot water tank is twelve years old, with ten year life span, and tank hasn’t been drained in at least two years. Husband is not interested in draining it, is irritated because it means he has to learn how to do it, and bring bulky hose from shed outside into cellar. Husband decides not to argue because he knows Wife is ultimately right on this one.

Husband hits Youtube, Wife leaves for message therapy. Husband decides to take care of dog poo and loose branches on lawn first, then take hose inside. He dresses warmly for bone-cold weather, starts playlist on his phone. Shovel and Wegmans bags are in garage. Husband grabs both items and heads for back yard to clean up dog poo. Dog sits by sliding glass door and watches Husband walk around with shovel. Husband notices Dog watching him, thinks about irony of how he usually stands by glass door and watches Dog make poo, and now Dog is in very same spot watching him clean up poo. Husband continues cleaning up large volume of dog poo. Playlist changes, and “Pick Up the Pieces” by Average White Band comes on. Song suddenly takes on a new meaning, and Husband starts laughing out loud. He checks to see if anyone is around, staring at him and thinking he is a lunatic. Coast is clear, so Husband finishes dog poo, picks up loose branches, brings in hose.