Wife and Husband go to Rochester for Christmas, have fun. Husband drives. Wife calls kids on way back, discovers that kids had fun. Husband and Wife arrive home at 10pm. Wife is tired, goes to bed. Husband slept too much during previous night, is not tired at all. Husband gets on computer, tells Facebook how much fun he had in Rochester. Husband putters around on computer till 3:30am. Husband is tired, carefully avoids stepping on Dog in bedroom, and goes to bed. Shortly after, Dog barks. Husband recognizes bark as animal-alert bark, pays little attention.  Dog barks again, then keeps barking. Husband has no idea that Wife has been awake for some time. Wife suddenly gets up to check on Dog. Family room is opposite side of house from bedroom. Dog is in family room, barking at deer laying down in back yard and second deer standing nearby. Wife tells Husband what is happening. Wife orders Dog back to bedroom, all go back to sleep.

Morning comes. Husband and Wife are still full from Christmas feast, have tea and cinnamon bread instead of usual tea and cereal. Wife asks Husband how Dog knows that deer are around house, when deer are on opposite side of house from where Dog is. Husband knows that Dog is always on animal patrol, but has no answer. Wife posts question to Facebook, hopes to get good answer.