Husband has been writing Dog blog for a long time. Husband doesn’t know how many people read it, but cares about readers. Husband is warning readers that this story is the last entry, and it is heart breaking.

In Dog’s run in back yard, there is a pipe in ground just below mowing level. Pipe has always bothered Husband, but never got time to remove it. Saturday weather is beautiful and is probably last day before cold weather comes for good. Husband researches saw blade for cutting 3/16″ steel, goes to Home Depot for blade and a bag of top soil. Husband cuts a sod circle, cuts pipe below ground level, fills in remaining length of pipe with top soil and replaces sod. Husband is happy that saw cut pipe so easily. Three Viburnum trees in back yard need trimming as well. Husband goes around front to garage. Wife suddenly appears and tells him that she let Dog out and Dog started eating topsoil out of topsoil bag. Wife takes Dog inside and cleans Dog up.

Husband and Wife have been watching Dog’s health closely for some time. Dog now has liver and other problems, including eating dirt. Multiple trips to Vet and medication help stabilize her, but long-term prognosis is that Dog is scary-sick. Wife and Husband are both upset that Dog started eating dirt again.

Dinner time comes. Husband and Wife are going to birthday dinner for Husband’s mother and uncle. Just before leaving, Dog has bloody nose. Wife and Husband are upset, but blood flow stops shortly, and Dog seems ok. Dog goes into crate. Birthday dinner is good, food is great. Wife and Husband go back home to check on Dog before going to Husband’s parents’ house, Dog is fine.

Wife and Husband come home and are relieved that Dog is still fine. They watch tv on couch and fall asleep. Both wake up at 12:30 am to sound of Dog getting sick with another nose bleed. More blood than previous, harder to stop. Blood flow eventually stops, Dog is shaken but stabilizes. Wife and Husband are very concerned, plan to watch Dog carefully tomorrow, call Vet, and potentially take Dog in on Monday. Sunday morning comes, Dog has another bleed, fair amount of blood. Wife calls Vet, gets emergency hospital number, calls it. Wife and Husband immediately take Dog into hospital.

Hospital is very nice, and so is vet and technicians. Vet isn’t sure what is happening yet. Vet runs tests, gives Dog shot to replace vitamins that Dog’s system is not getting (possibly due to liver) and causing her to eat dirt. Dog goes home, Wife and Husband wait for test results. Later in day, Vet calls, says blood clotting and other tests come back normal.

Dog lays around like usual. Wife watches Netflix, husband works on computer, as usual. Early evening comes. Dog’s nosebleed starts again, large amount of blood and not stopping. Wife holds Dog, Husband gets phone and calls hospital back. During conversation, nosebleed slows. Husband and Wife fear Dog being left alone during Monday workday and possibly bleeding to death, need to bring Dog back in. Husband and Wife hope they watch dog for 48 hours and she stabilizes. Bleeding stops. Husband drives, Wife sits with Dog in back. Husband pulls into empty Sunday night parking lot, Dog barely gets out of car, and bleeding starts again.

Dog is seen right away. More than an hour later, Vet comes in and says bleeding is mostly stopped, offers options. Chances of cancerous tumor in nose are 90%, treatment options aren’t good. Wife and Husband make very hard decision to do best thing for Dog, and put her down. Vet and technicians are very supportive and helpful.

Wife and Husband hold Dog for last time, and Dog goes peacefully. Both are grateful that Dog was in little to no pain in last two days. Both know they couldn’t have handled it if Dog had been in a lot of pain. Both know how much they love Dog.

Wife and Husband also know that that all good dogs go to Heaven.