Hi, I’m LittleDog.  I’m a Pomeranian Poodle, or Poma-Poo for short.  I live in Buffalo, about an hour and a half from Dog’s old house in Rochester, at Husband’s parents house. Dog moved to Buffalo in October 2011, and now she’s only 5 minutes away from my house.

Just like it shows in the next picture, I really am a little dog. I weigh less than ten pounds, and that makes me a great lapdog.  I am always on somebody’s lap, and it’s my favorite place to be.  I just love everybody, but my Poppa is the best.  He takes me for rides everywhere.  We pick up the grandkids from gymnastics, and since they don’t have a dog at home, I’m sure to get spoiled.  At night, Mema and Poppa fall asleep on the couch watching tv, and I bark until they go to bed, because it’s not good for them to sleep on the couch all night.

Whenever people come to visit my house, I bark loudly and run up and down the livingroom like crazy, but nobody’s afraid of me, and I don’t know why.  But I like company, and I spend time and make friends with everybody.

LittleDog full view

LittleDog (full view)

I was born in the house right behind my house.  As a puppy, I used to run and play with my brothers and sisters until Mema’s grandkids saw me and Mema made me part of her family instead.  After I moved to the new house, I would run to the fence every day and play with my brothers and sisters back and forth along the fence.  Later on, they moved away.  I miss them sometimes, but I have plenty of people to spoil me now, so I don’t think about it too much, and I like where I am.

I heard that my mother who moved away has a Facebook, and so does my Poppa.  I wonder what it smells like, and if it tastes good.  I always wait around the table in case something tasty drops – maybe it’s like that.   Mema and Poppa’s LittleGrandGirl is always dropping stuff at the table when she comes over, and I don’t miss a thing.

We have a sectional couch and Mema and Poppa often put my little round bed on top of it.  Husband says that I have the smallest behind in the house, with the biggest seat on the couch. When I’m not in somebody’s lap, I go onto my bed and sit and watch tv, just like everyone else.  We watch Wheel of Fortune and Two and a Half Men, but I want to watch dog shows, and they never put them on.

LittleDog resting

LittleDog watching tv

I think Dog is too big.  She scares me.  She spent the night here a little while ago, and it was kinda weird.  But at least I don’t have to be in a crate while no one is home, because I don’t tear anything up.  I heard that Dog would get bored and do that if Wife and Husband left her alone, so they always put her in the crate. Nah-na-na-nah-nahhh-nah –  I don’t have to be in the crate, and you do!

You know, I heard that Dog has to be on a chain when she goes outside, because she would run away and then something bad might happen to her, like being taken or being hit by a car.  Nope, not me, no way, I know enough to stay around, and I never need a chain!  Hee-he-he-hee-heee-he!  You’re stuck on the chain, and I’m not!

And you know what else I heard?  That Dog had a huge fenced in yard in Rochester to run around in, but she had to go on the chain anyway because she would dig under the fence and try to get loose.  My back yard is only fenced on one side, and I can run if I want to, but I stay around, because I know better.  Hah-ha-ha-haa-haaaa-ha, Dog is a shut-in in her own back yard, and I’m not! And now that she’s in Buffalo, they put her on a chain connected to a big doggie-post that Husband had to put in, and they can’t trust her to not-run after the deer and rabbits and squirrels. What a dog. She’s big and smart, but not as smart as I am, he-heee!