Hi, I’m ScaredyDog. I’m a German Shorthair Pointer. I’m a very quiet dog, and I’m pretty nice, really. I like to walk around with my tongue out a lot. I have a huge tongue and I pant all the time. I drool too. Sometimes I drool enough that it looks like I’m foaming at the mouth, but not really. At least I don’t think so.

My master is Husband’s brother in-law. I live in the Adirondack mountains, in upper New York state. I used to live in the Rochester area, but my master built a house in the mountains and he wanted to move there, so off we went. We’ve been there several months now. Where I live doesn’t matter to me. Same crate, same master, might as well be the same place too. No different than Rochester. I like things to be the same, every day, all the time.

I’m a pretty big dog. I’m bigger than Dog, but smaller than Boyfriend. That means that I cast a big shadow when I’m in the sun. But it scares me. I’m afraid of my shadow. I don’t know who it is. And it might do something, anything, and that’s scary. When I’m in the sun, I try not to look at it, but it’s there anyway. I don’t like it.

Other dogs are even scarier. When I’m near them, I get real nervous. I don’t even sniff their butts and say hello, I just run away from them as soon as I can. I try to find the smallest place to hide in that I can, which is hard, because I’m a big dog. I’ll hide anywhere. In the front door alcove, under the table, in a corner, anywhere I can find to get away. If my crate is available, I make a beeline for it. If I could, I would lock the door after myself so I would be safe from all those scary dogs out there who want to sniff my butt and say hello. Here’s a picture of me at Dog’s house while my master was visiting his mother. Husband locked my crate for me, and oh-boy, I was so grateful, because that meant I was safe from Dog. She wouldn’t stop sniffing my butt and saying hello and trying to play, and I just don’t understand any of that, not at all. Once I’m back in my crate and safely locked in, I can relax and let my tongue hang out. I’m happy in the crate, but oh-my-God, I can’t wait to get back into the car for the six hour ride back to the mountains. The car is fun, because it’s only me and my master, and I get to sit in the front seat and drool all over the console while he’s driving.

ScaredyDog in crate