Hi, I’m ZenDog. I live in Austin, Texas. My master is Wife’s niece. I’m in Rochester, New York right now because my master and her sister are staying with family. It’s a lot cooler in Rochester, and I don’t mind that at all. You know, if I had fur like Dog and had to live in Austin, I would boil over. But me, I am a German Shorthair pointer, and my hair is very short. I’m chocolate brown and silver, not white like ScaredyDog.

I met Dog at her house when we first arrived in Rochester. We drove all the way, in a big van. It was a long drive, but I don’t mind. Husband wasn’t home yet, so he didn’t see Dog and I meet. He showed my master and sister the dogblog, and they wanted me to be in it. So Husband asked my master how the meeting went with Dog went. It went so well that it was a non-event, because I get along well enough with other dogs. Husband doesn’t have anything to write about me in the dogblog, so I only get a page, and not an entry, at least not until I meet Dog again.

ZenDog in kitchen

This picture is in the kitchen at Wife’s mother’s house, where we’re staying. I’m very excited right now, and it shows in my face, can you tell? It’s very unusual for me. Normally, I’m extremely quiet and very reserved. When people are sitting at the table and eating, I walk up very slowly and stand next to them. A lot of times, they don’t know I’m there for several minutes, until I put my head on their leg. I just stare. Sometimes, I get food. Sometimes, not. When I do this, I have a deep quiet about me, and a very sincere face. I’m like a Zen monk in meditation, hence my name.